​All About Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering

                                                Spring Dewey is headquartered at the Atlantic Oceanside Motel, Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Join us April 1-3 2022 for the 16th annual Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering!  This Greyt Little Greyhound Event in Dewey Beach is a laidback and friendly and almost free!  The beach can be fickle in the spring - sometimes chilly and sometimes warm - but the ocean breeze is awesome and even in bad weather the beach is still better than good weather at home.  So join a bunch of beautiful greyhounds and their people for a relaxed weekend of un-crowded beaches and low-key activities.  

We made some changes to Spring Dewey for 2022, hopefully for the better. Much of what you enjoyed about Spring Dewey in the past has not changed. But to enable us to share more proceeds with the adoption group picked from your nominations, we needed to eliminate some of our expenses. We hope to refine those changes for 2018. No nametags, no Registration Room (it added over $250 to our expenses). Because the weather is soooo unpredictable, we will again plan inside activities on Friday with a Group Event at Grotto's Pizza, Dewey Beach, from 4pm to 7pm in their lower meeting room where attendees can order and pay for their own meal.  On Friday at Grotto's we will hold the Greyhound Contests and Treat Feast and the Chinese Auction (purchase tickets and put them into the container for the prize you want to win). We recently found out that the Surfside is not available for our Saturday event. We have been trying to find an alternative inside location that will allow the greys, but none are available. We have, however, just heard from the Starboard and they have a room that we can use on Saturday (unfortunately, no greyhounds allowed). So we are going to go to the Starboard on Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3:30pm where we will again order any food or drinks and pay individually. The Silent Auction and the drawing for the adoption group that will receive a donation will be held Saturday afternoon. Both the Chinese and Silent Auctions will benefit Dr. Couto's Greyhound Health Initiative Program and cancer research. We are not scheduling the Circle of Grey beach gathering due to lack of participation. We will organize Beach Walks for Saturday and Sunday mornings for those who like to stroll the beach together with greys. Many of the attendees meet at The Starboard for breakfast each morning  and hope you will join us there (unfortunately, they do not allow greys). Sharky's is under new ownership but unfortunately is not open until closer to Memorial Day. You can meet inside the Atlantic Oceanside office for early morning Coffee with the Canines on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Spring Dewey started out as a casual weekend for greyhound friends and their pups who didn't want to wait a year between fall Dewey gatherings; April was six months in between. Those who have attended any (or in many cases all) of the 13 previous Spring Dewey events know how laid back the weekend is without being boring or empty. We hope to keep it just as much fun as before but with a little less work and stress for the organizers! And as always, lots of nose and butt sniffing time for the greyhounds!  What makes it such a greyt little event is the greyhounds and their people, doing what greyhounds and greyhound people do themselves.  So join us and join the fun!

Would you like to suggest a new activity for Spring Dewey weekend?  Send a message to the organizers letting us know what you have in mind and that you'd like to take charge and make it happen.  With the support and encouragement of other attendees, it's not hard to run one activity!  We all want to have a greyt weekend.  

If you have the required Dewey Beach licenses for your dogs greyt!  It's a lifetime license. If you don't have a Dewey Beach dog license, you need to stop by the Dewey Beach Town Hall and get them.  And of course then you'll have the license for the Fall weekend, too.  

​Vendors - we love you, too.  Spring Dewey is your chance to have a weekend enjoying your greyhounds and maybe even make a little money. 

                                             Note:  Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering is a totally independent event

with absolutely NO ties to any other greyhound events or organizers.   

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16th Annual Spring Dewey - 2022

Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering

April 1-3, 2022 - Dewey Beach, DE