6:32am                 Sunrise                                                                             

7am                      Morning Beach Walk                                                                                       McKinley & Beach

7:30am                 Coffee with the Canines  (greys welcome)                                                  Sharky's, Dickinson & Rt. 1

9am                       Breakfast with Greyhound Friends (no greys)                                          Starboard, Saulsbury & Rt. 1

All Day                 Pick Up Schedule of Events & Magnets                                                       AO Room 103
9am - 5pm           Shopping & Socializing                                                                                    Out & About

10am                    Circle of Grey - Join us on the Beach                                                                McKinley & Beach
                                  (Group sharing about greys who are ill or at the Bridge)
11am - 2pm         Group Luncheon, Greyhound Contests, Chinese Auction                     Grotto's Pizza, Dewey, Read & Rt. 1 

                                  (Lunch ordered and paid by individuals) 
                                  Greyhound Games
                                    1)  Longest Tail                         6)  Oldest Greyhound                                     
                                    2)  Shortest Tail                        7)  Furthest from Home 
                                    3)  Tallest Greyhound             8)  Funniest or Cutest Racing Name
                                    4)  Shortest Greyhound          9)  Best Trick  
                                    5)  Youngest Greyhound      10)  Best Costume or Best Dressed  

2pm                        END of Chinese Auction ​to benefit Dr. Couto's                                       Grotto's Pizza, Dewey, Read & Rt. 1

                                    Greyhound Health Initiative Program

6 - 9pm                  Group Dinner Gathering, People Games, Group Drawing                  Surfside Grill, Across from AO

                                    (greys welcome)

6 - 9pm                  Silent Auction                                                                                                  Surfside Grill, Across from AO

                                  (Benefits Dr. Couto's Greyhound Health Initiative Program)

9pm                       END of Silent Auction (Pay for and pick up items won)                               Surfside Grill, Across from AO

7:31pm                  Sunset                                                                                                           


6:31am                Sunrise 

7:30am                Coffee with the Canines (greys welcome)                                                   Sharky's, Dickinson & Rt. 1

9am                     Breakfast with Greyhound Friends  (no greys)                                          Starboard, Saulsbury & Rt. 1

                                         Safe travels home - See you next spring!!

                                                                           April 13-15, 2018

​​Schedule of Events


6:45am                    Sunrise

​7am                         Morning Beach Walk                                                                                 McKinley & Beach

7:30am                   Coffee with the Canines  (greys welcome)                                             Sharky's, Dickinson & Rt. 1

9am                        Breakfast with Greyhound Friends (no greys)                                      Starboard, Saulsbury & Rt. 1

9am - 5pm             Early Bird Shopping & Socializing                                                            Out & About
                                   (see vendor page for vendors)
All Day                   Pick Up Schedule of events and magnets                                              AO Room 103

5pm - 5:45pm      Greyhound Yogurt & Biscuits Social  (weather permitting)                  Atlantic Oceanside Back Lot
7:30pm                  Sunset                                                                                                    

Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering

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April 7-9, 2017 - Dewey Beach, DE