Spring Dewey Greyhound Gathering

April 7-9, 2017 - Dewey Beach, DE

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Atlantic Oceanside Room #106
9am to 5pm
We Have What You Need!!
Thundershirts, No-Pull Harnesses, Muzzles, Stool Cups, Squawkers, Tick Keys, Furminators, Vetrap, Nail Trimmers, Styptic Powder, Collars & Leashes, Belly Bands, Aid 4 Greys, "Mother Bunnies,"  Tribbles & "GreytBones," EMT Gel/Spray, Rescue Remedy, Thera-Paw Boots, Books, Note Cards, Pens, Christmas Cards, Pet Tag Silencers, Wood Ornaments, St. Francis Medals, Socks, Screaming Monkeys, First Aid Kits, Wine Charms, Gator Clips, Magnets, Pet Blinkers, Pet Tag Silencers, Power Paws, Clay Footprint Keepsakes, Poop Bags, Comfy Pads, Decals, Umbrellas, Handle Leashes and more.

Visit our website: http://gemgreyhounds.org/